The missions and outreach ministries of Living Hope Church are an ever-expanding and vibrant part of our church. We take seriously the task Jesus commissioned us with – to be His witness throughout the world.

We are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), a Christ-centered ministry that is all about taking the gospel to all peoples everywhere, planting churches, and making disciples who can repeat the process with others. The ministries of Living Hope Church reflect this vision of ministry. We actively promote the support of the C&MA Great Commission Fund and our district’s church-planting program and other ministries.

In addition to these, we have developed a mission network within our own church, providing the people of Living Hope Church with opportunities for hands-on experience in missions and evangelistic outreach. It is a multi-faceted program that literally goes around the world. At present, this program includes:

  • Intentional Church Outreaches to Neighbors and Friends.
    • Home-Centered Backyard Bible Clubs for Children
    • Christmas Services
    • Neighborhood Prayer Walks
    • Watch for┬ámore on our events page…
  • Local ministry to the Poor and Needy
    • Total Living Center of Canton
    • Meal & Message in conjunction with the Minerva Salvation Army
    • Work Days with Envision Cleveland
  • C.A.M.P. at M.C.R.
  • Overseas┬áMissions Trips
    • This year will be our 14th Hungary Missions Trip working with International Messengers, providing evangelistic camps built around teaching conversational English and softball
  • Remember Nhu
    • Ministry to save children from sex slave trade
    • Providing education, care, and Christian training
    • Begun by Carl Ralston, former elder at Living Hope Church
    • Currently reaching over 1100 children through almost 50 homes in 14 countries